Corporate Finance

Logiware offers solutions to a wide range of corporate finance activities, such as financing, business advisory and M&A.

01. Financing

Logiware provides consulting and advisory services for securing financing of debt, equity, alternative or a combination of the above.

In terms of business financing, Logiware can assist in providing, identifying, arranging and executing primarily debt financing, given its extensive relationships with financial institutions and the in-depth experience of its staff in arranging transactions. The key concept is to accurately identify the needs and being able to explain it to banks for delivering the correct results. Logiware handles the entire process from screening, selecting and securing the facility that best serves client's corporate business needs. Logiware can also advise regarding raising equity financing for the growth of the business.

Beyond the services related to the daily running of the client's business, Logiware provides services also for the financing of a specific project. Financing can be either debt or equity, as well as through alternative financing such as a mezzanine or venture capital facility. Specifically, for project financing, besides relationships with global banking institutions that are familiar to such transactions, Logiware has established relationships with several private equity, venture and mezzanine funds that specialize in multi million Euro projects.

Business debt consolidation from Logiware can provide a variety of benefits, including lower payments and extra capital to invest in the business. Corporate debt consolidation can allow the company to consolidate and refinance its revolving, term and equipment loans and structure the payments to match its cash flow. Corporate debt consolidation can reduce the number of lenders and the number of outstanding financing facilities which typically reduces the administrative aspects of managing the loans. Our business-to-business approach is applied to business debt consolidation solutions.

Managing cash flow to keep up with business growth and working capital needs is a challenge that many businesses faces. Whether there is need of business capital for expansion, growth, or updating infrastructure, Logiware can meet client's various working capital financing needs with a full range of financial instruments.

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure. It is: Try to please everybody.” david oswald
02. Business Advisory

Logiware provides a full range of Business Advisory services that are specifically designed to assist corporate clients to face the challenges of today’s global environment.

Business Plan

Logiware's experienced stuff can take the vision and business entrepreneurship and put it together in a compact and easy to understand business plan for a variety of needs, primarily in search of financing, partners or strategic relationships. The business edge can be presented in accordance with top tier financing terms, including projections and forecasts, valuation analysis, quantitative and qualitative methodologies etc.

Strategic Positioning

Logiware can assist in entering into a new market, a new country or in the search of a strategic partner. Logiware can assist in searching globally and, according to client's specification and guidelines, present him with a short list of ideal candidates. Furthermore, Logiware can assist in approaching, negotiating and ultimately in entering into the strategic relationship he looks for.

Valuations, Fairness Opinions and Appraisals

Companies seek valuations for corporate governance or for regulatory reasons, or because the management requests the value of an asset, subsidiary, or investment to aid business decisions. In such critical cases, the company may be planning a major acquisition, the resolution of a shareholder or joint venture dispute, or it may seek to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value. Logiware can undertake valuations on the business or assets or most importantly on the target business or assets that the client seeks to acquire.

Restructuring, Turnaround, Bankruptcy support services

Corporate restructuring can be a way to take what is a relatively healthy company with a view to the future and to assist it in removing some of the burdens of the past. A corporate restructuring can give the business a new life. Logiware has multiple solutions to support a company that decides to engage in reorganization through corporate debt restructuring or filing for business bankruptcy, whether voluntary or involuntary. Commercial refinancing for longer or better terms can also give the needed cash flow for multiple business restructuring. Logiware has a pure business-to-business approach that can help lead client's business into the future, not only through its corporate debt restructuring and commercial refinancing solutions, but also through solid corporate restructuring expertise and advice.

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure. It is: Try to please everybody.” david oswald
03. M&A

Logiware can help find a purchaser at the best available price, in case of a sale of business, of a project or of a business line. Following a methodology which can be escalated from a local to a global approach, Logiware ensures that discretely, yet efficiently through the careful selection of the target group. We can assist in every step from screening, targeting, negotiating and closing.

Acquisition and buy out decisions are often driven by the desire to leverage economies of scale, new technologies, or to enter new markets. The needs arising from a decision to buy a business or to engage in mergers goes beyond the initial company buy out. Logiware can customize merger and acquisition financial packages that provide the capital to allow the company to grow its combined businesses, while at the same time maintaining cost savings and productivity increases.

In the case of merger, Logiware can assist in the negotiation and execution of a transaction that ensures both strong equity stake as well as solid opportunities.

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